Veterans and Juniors: Oral Histories in the Library

Did you notice something special going on in the library on Thursday?

Mr. Hughes, Mr. Park, and the Library hosted nine veterans from the Cal-Vets Veterans Home, located on the neighboring VA property. Mr. Park’s juniors were prepared to interview the veterans, and they  recorded the conversations on the school iPads using Evernote.

Evernote is so easy to use, that  after after I set up the iPads for the students by logging into the library Evernote account, it only took a minute to teach them briefly how to create and title new notes for audio and camera functions. After the interviews, the students emailed the interviews to themselves if there was time, and I emailed the others later in the day. Next week the library gallery will be full of reflections and pictures of the day. Please come visit!

The students used the iPads from the iPad cart.  They were focused on the guests and the interviews. It went so well, I hope it is a realistic preview of next year, when all of our Upper School students and teachers will have iPads of their own to use at school.

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